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Preston University organizes Management & Business Quiz Competition
 Preston University organized an Inter-Departmental Management & Business Quiz Competition. The referenced competition was held at the Islamabad Campus of Preston to mark the 15th Anniversary ..... Read More
Preston University organizes Drama and Concert to mark the 15th Anniversary of HEC
 Preston University organized a Stage Drama and concert. The referenced events which were held at the auditorium of the Islamabad Campus of Preston were organized to the mark the 15th Anniversary ..... Read More
Verity of the diagnosis and the urgent need for treatments. There are promising treatments on the horizon that could slow disease progression — and we need to give those treatments a fighting chance. As pf awareness month — september — comes to a close, this is an excellent time to refocus our efforts around this disease. An important step is the pulmonary fibrosis research enhancement act, a bill to increase national institute of health funding and grants for research into pf. The bill currently has 71 co-sponsors in the u. S. House of representatives and 13 in the u. S. Senate, but, to date, not a single utah representative has signed on as a co-sponsor. I urge the utah delegation to support what could be life-saving legislation. Indeed, i am lucky to still be here — and to be able to be a voice for hundreds of thousands of people around the world who are literally struggling to breathe because of this disease. By increasing awareness of this disease, we can extend the time for research to find a cure. There is a cure for pf; we just haven't found it yet. Olene walker is the former governor of utah. She was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis in 2002. Comments 4 comments » deseretnews. Com encourages a civil dialogue among its readers. We welcome your thoughtful comments. — about comments about this ad recommended stories silencing panhandlers many people don't want to be reminded that poverty exists, or that they have a responsibility to do something. Romney's debate victory contrary to wisdom that debates are rarely game-changers, the presidential debate was a demolition derby. Utah residents urged if the coming winter produces a snowfall of historically "average" proportions, the state's water managers say our reservoirs will be replenished and the prospect of serious shortages will be averted. What you may have missed lds church lowers age requirement for missionary service the war on boys: young men losing ground in education, emotional health and jobs how sweet it is: personal soft drink ban saves $1,000 a year sample morning edition email about this ad most popular across site in opinion kathleen parker: with mitt romney's crushing... My view: utah needs to establish reasonable... Frank pignanelli & lavarr webb: we can't help... In our opinion:: silencing panhandlers... buy generic viagra buy viagra online cheap generic viagra viagra for sale cheap viagra buy cheap viagra viagra for sale buy cheap viagra buy online viagra germany medicaresupplementspecialists.com/pfz-sale-viagra-rp/ Blame media for stunning romney victory in our opinion: religious liberty is more... Robert bennett: debate gave romney a boost he... Letter: the debates, obama has less time to... Dick harmon: byu football: taysom hill's... Byu football: five reasons for byu's... Accusations flying about tlc show 'breaking... Utah jazz fall to golden state warriors in... Vice presidential debate: will ryan-biden... Overstuffed: clutter, consumption and the... From campus to mission field: missionary age... New missionary policy impacts l.
Weekly FACULTY ACADEMIC FORUM-LECTURE SERIES-8., PRESTON UNIVERSITY KOHAT ,Islamabad campus was held on 11th October, 2017.
 A lecture on “The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is part of the ‘One Belt, One Road (OBOR)’was held at Preston University, Islamabad on October 11, 2017. The referenced ..... Read More
Preston University Organizes E-Gaming Competitions
Intra-Campus E-Gaming Competitions ‘COD 4 and FIFA 17” were held at the Islamabad Campus of Preston University. The referenced competitions were organized by the Computer Science Departmen ..... Read More
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