Seminar on “Role of Media in Disaster Management and Mitigation” held at Islamabad Campus
Analysts highlight significance of media in disaster management and mitigation. Emphasize, the role of media is as important as those institutions which are directly involved in disaster management and mitigation in times of disasters.
A seminar on the ‘Role of Media in Disaster Management’ was held at Preston University, Islamabad in January 2012. The referenced seminar was organized by the Disaster Research Institute (DRI), Preston University. Eminent media analysts and educationists expressed their views on the subject on the occasion. They unanimously emphasized that the role of media in disaster management and mitigation is crucial.  
Addressing the participants of the seminar, eminent media analyst and TV anchor, Syed Talat Hussain said that during the devastating floods of 2010-11, Pakistan’s media played a vital role in drawing the attention of the world community towards the catastrophe that totally uprooted millions of people and destroyed standing crops in the affected areas of the country. Not only this, the media also played an important role  in motivating them to come forward with significant monetary assistance, and assistance in kind, to alleviate the sufferings of the affected people and rehabilitate them. In his presentation, Prof. Dr. Saqib Riaz of Allama Iqbal Open University said the importance of media in the present day world cannot be overemphasized. In fact, the media has brought about a revolution in almost all spheres of national life, he said. Dr. Saqib Riaz said that Pakistan’s electronic media in particular, like other institutions, has always played a significant role in dealing with natural disasters that have struck thecountry over the years. Thus, media’s role is worthy of genuine appreciation and must be lauded by every segment of the Pakistani society, he emphasized. Prof. Dr. Allah Wadhayo Baloch, Executive Director (DRI), Preston University, also made an enlightening and thought provoking presentation on the topic. Eminent among the panelists were Muhammad Idrees, Director Disaster Risk Management (NDMA), Mr. Amir Mohyuddin, former Director National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and Mr. AtleHetland, former consultant UNHCR.
At the end, Dr. Abdul Basit, Chancellor Preston University presented mementos to the distinguished speakers and panelists.