Disaster Research Institute (DRI)
The Disaster Research Institute (DRI), Preston University was established in November 2005, with a view to deal with acute humanitarian and social problems arising out of natural disasters such as the devastating earthquake of October 2005 that hit Northern Pakistan. DRI is actively involved in research in various areas related to Disaster Risk Mitigation and Management. It has also mandated itself to impart professional training to employees of institutions engaged in Disaster Mitigation, Disaster Risk Reduction and Disaster Risk Management, and also to individuals keen to enter this important field.  
  Vision, Mission of DRI
Disaster research Institute has the following Mission Statement

  Development of economical civil structures, appropriate for the terrain and topography of the Earthquake devastated and Earthquake prone areas.  
  Development of data bank for the estimation of future Earthquake risks.  
  Research on Developing Standards for Residential and Commercial Buildings for Relevant Earthquake zones;  

Dissemination of the Research conducted by DRI and Other institutes, organization, on the mitigation of Earthquake devastated areas in Asian countries.  
  Psychological and Psychiatric Treatment of Affectees of the 8/10 earthquake;  

  To hold Seminars, symposia and conference, at the National and International level, on the Scientific Analysis of Major Earthquake Threats in the Region.  
To cover all areas which will help to prevent / mitigate disaster from natural hazards in future? Research will be conducted by involving local and foreign institutes and steps will be taken for including this subject in the syllabus of Master of Technology, which is being offered in Preston.
Disaster Research Institute intends to pursue these outputs in line with the established mission of Preston University. Leading focus on risk mitigation, disaster research, disaster preparedness and disaster management training. Process-based policy advocacy through campaigners and close interaction with the public for mass awareness campaign. Training in the field of disaster management and preparedness in the form of workshops, seminars and lectures. Conferences and networking with other organizations working in this field.
  Program Division
The program aims to address the important aspects of Disaster Risk Mitigation, Disaster Risk Perception and Preparedness. This will be achieved through mass awareness campaign, trainings, workshops and seminars. Research is a main focus of DRI and a lot of emphasis is being placed on this area.
  Geographical Area
DRI is based in Islamabad and presently the services are being provided at Islamabad Campus. But the program will then be expanded to cover the Northern Areas as well.