Academic Calendar
  Semester System for Regular Programs
The academic year for regular programs at Preston University consists of Spring Semester and Fall Semester, each of 20 weeks duration. A 9-week Summer Semester is offered as a fast-paced Semmer Session. The time span for each semester is shown below:
    Semester   Month
   Fall Semester   September - January
  Spring Semester   February - June
  Summer Semester   July - August
  Quarter System for Executive Programs
The Executive MBA and Executive MS Computer Science Programs follow a different pattern and consist of four quarters per year. The time span each quarter is shown below:
   Semester   Month
  Winter Quarter   December - February
  Spring Quarter   March - May
  Summer Quarter   June - August
  Fall Quarter   September - November


  Grading System
Students in all programs are grades according to a unified grading system. The percentage points corresponding to a particular grade and its verbal description are given below:
    Grade     Points   Range   Description
  A   4   80% & above   Excellent
  B   3   70-79%   Very Good
  C   2   60-69%   Satisfactory
  D   1   50-59%   Below Average
  F   0   Below 50%   Fail
   Non-evaluative Grades    
  W   Withdrawal
  I   Incomplete
  T   Transfer of credit granted

As a student of Preston University you have access to a whole range of facilities and services to help you succeed in your studies and enjoy you time at the university. To meet the changing needs of our students, we are continually updating facilities in our computer labs, workshops, class-rooms, career management centers and libraries.