Bachelor of Computer Science (BSCS)
  4 Years Honors (Eight Semesters)
  4 Years Honors (Eight Semester)
A student must achieve 144 semester credits for the award of a bachelor’s degree. Out of this total requirement, at least 60 credits must be earned in general education, including sciences, humanities, social sciences, and arts courses; minimum 48 credits in core subjects related to the degree program of the student and the remaining credits may be earned in optional courses. The students are required to undertake a project and satisfactorily complete an 8-week internship for the award of 12 credits for the bachelor’s degree.
Holders of any one of the following qualifications are eligible for admission to the BSCS Program:
High School graduation (12 years of school education)
Higher Secondary School Certificate or Intermediate Certificate in science, arts, or commerce (FA, FSc, I.Com)
Diploma in Commerce with Certificate in Commerce (C.Com+D.Com) GCE O’Levels (minimum seven subjects) plus A’Levels (min 2 subjects)
International Baccalaureate
In addition to the minimum qualification, candidates are required to qualify a Written Test and an Interview for admission to BS Program.
Credit Requirements for
BSCS Program:
General Education 60 Credit Hours
Core Courses 48 Credit Hours
Optional Courses 24 Credit Hours
Bachelor's Project 06 Credit Hours
Intership 06 Credit Hours
Total 144 Credit Hours
All elective courses are determined by the University at the beginning of each semester and are offered to the entire class. Students may not deviate from the block of optional courses offered by the university in any given semester.

In addition to the requirements for earned credits, a cumulative grade-point-average (GPA) of minimum 2.0 for all bachelor degree programs on a scale of 0.0 - 4.0 must be attained.
The Following majors are available for the
BSCS Program:
Information Technology Software Engineering Systems Engineering    


  BSCS Program  

General Education (60 Credit Hours)

Mathematics & Sciences

College Algebra
College Calculus
Applied Physics
Statistics & Probability
Social Sciences & Humanities
English Grammar
English Composition
Introduction to Psychology
Pakistan Studies or Commercial Geography
Islamic Studies or Ethics


Basic Management
Basic Accounting
Business Communication
Basic Marketing
Principles of Management
Principles of Marketing
Public Speaking
Introduction to Business

Core Courses(48 Credit Hours)

Information Technology

Computer Applications
Fundamentals of Algorithms
Discrete Structures
Web Designing & Development
Basic Electronics
Theory of Automata
Data Structures
Introduction to Programming
Object Oriented Programming
Visual Programming
Operating Systems
Networking Essentials
Computer Architecture
Data Communication
Introduction to Databases

Elective Courses(24 Credit Hours)

Multimedia Technologies
Software Engineering
Artificial Intelligence
Advanced Web Designing
Relational Databases
Systems Analysis & Design
Advanced Networking
Programming in JAVA
Computer Graphics
E-Commerce Fundamentals


(6 Credit Hours)


(6 Credit Hours)