Preston University and Jump Start Pakistan Jointly Organize Seminar on "Entrepreneurship"


Preston University and Jump Start Pakistan jointly organized a seminar on ‘Entrepreneurship’. The event was held at the Islamabad Campus of Preston on August 26, 2014. The faculty and students of the university participated in the referenced event in large number. Eminent among the speakers who spoke on the subject on the occasion were Mr. John Duhring, an Education Technology Specialist at Cogswell Polytechnic College, Sunnyvale California, Mr. Muazzam Ali Bhatti, founder & CEO of Alfoze Technologies Pvt Ltd., Mr. Mueen Batly, Member Competition Commission of Pakistan, and Mr. Fakhar Abbas Product Manager Jump Start Pakistan.


In his presentation Mr. Muazzam Ali Bhatti, CEO of Alfoze Technologies Pvt Ltd., at the outset emphasized that the reasons to become an entrepreneur includes passion,  a true need existing in market that is marketable and belief on innovation (making things easy for people). He said that Start ups must have trustworthy, reliable and diverse team members and mentoring is very important for start ups. Regarding the issue of financing of Start ups, Mr. Muazzam informed the participants that Funding can be arranged in monetary or non-monetary terms. Bootstrap financing, he said, could also be an important source of funding he maintained. Customer feedback and customer retention holds the key to success in this regard, he asserted.


Addressing the participants on the occasion Mr. John Duhring, Education Technology Specialist at Cogswell Polytechnic college, Sunnyvale California stressed upon the need of viability of business. He emphasized on convergence between Kauffman Foundation and Silicon Valley model. He said an idea can be taken from three perspectives; idea as a hobby, idea as a passion and idea as an idea. One shall share an idea and obtain feedback. John Duhring stressed that social factors are very important for developing an eco-system of Entrepreneurship.


Speaking on the topic Mr. Mueen Batly, Member Competition Commission of Pakistan stated that Entrepreneurship is a solution towards National Crisis. He emphasized that while still at universities it’s a perfect time for students to start business and students can manage both studies and business together without much difficulty. He called upon the students to themselves determine what they are good at; job or entrepreneurship. 


Earlier, in his opening remarks on the occasion Mr. Fakhar Abbas, Product Manager Jump Start Pakistan highlighted the mission of Jump Start Pakistan. He shed light on the activities of the organization and unfolded its plan to bring about 1500 Startups from Pakistan during the next five years. He informed the participants that Jump Start arranges a movie night on weekends which is later interpreted by an Entrepreneur “How they view this movie”? Mr. Fakhar made a generous offer to the students interested in starting a business to approach Jump Start for mentoring and financing or any other assistance.



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