Preston University Faculty Academic Forum third Lecture of the series titled


Prof. Dr. N.M. Butt, Chairman, Preston Institiute of Nanoscience and Technology (PINSAT) delivered the lecture titled, " Nanotechnology and Preston University". Preston University Kohat was the first ever university in public and private sector in Pakistan, and in the region, who introduced the important B.S (Nanoscience and Nanotechnology) degree in the discipline of nano sciences in Pakistan. PINSAT was established in September, 2010. At the time about 30 institutions were awarding this multidisciplinary degree which has now rapidly increased to about 100 Institutions across the world. This multidisciplinary degree has been expressed as a very useful degree in an article published in the prestigious journal "Nature" in November 2016, the BS degree of PINSAT, Preston University Islamabad campus, has been well recognised nationally and internationally as it's BS (Nanoscience and Nanotechnology) graduates have done MS/admitted in MS & PhD at Q.A.U, P.U , NUST and IST at home and in China, Italy, Germany, Norway and Canada abroad in variety of disciplines such as Chemistry, Biomedical, Advanced Materials, Nanotechnology, Nano-textiles, Materials Science and Nanotechnology etc., which shows the usefulness of the new concept of a multidisciplinary teaching of nano-based Physics, Chemistry, Biology courses as per HEC requirements.


The lecture covered the following aspects:

Introduction to Nanotechnology; Nanometer is "one billionth of a meter in length", Applications of Nanotechnology, in medicine for cancer, environment, energy, drinking water, almost all industries like textiles, sports/surgical goods, agriculture, auto-mobiles, Civil construction, defence and space etc.,

The lecture also covered brief information on the Establishment of PINSAT, Memorandums of Understanding (5 signed with National and International Institutes), Visit of dignitaries (about 30 DIGNITARIES, local and foreign Professors), Research Grants [Canada, Pakistan, Joint China-Pakistan, 9 graduates of PINSAT pursuing PhD at NCNST, Beijing, China, 18 Conferences/Seminars/Workshops Organized by PINSAT , Activities of PINSAT Nano Society, regular fortnightly seminars, and celebrating national events like, 23rd March. Independence Day and Iqbal day, quarterly PINSAT Newsletter published regularly since 2010. The lecture also informed about the PINSAT students delegations who visited German Laboratories and China nanolabs with full hospitality of DAAS and NCNST Beijing respectively. Dr. Butt also informed about the further development of the Institute for MS/PhD programs for future with standards set by the HEC.

Dr. Butt also informed about the 32 research papers published in Impact Factor journals recognized by web of Science and presentation of research papers in important conferences held in Pakistan, Canada and USA. He also mentioned the appreciation of the PINSAT and its students as per reported by foreign professors.


The lecture ended with interesting question/answer session.