Weekly Faculty Academic Forum - Lecture Series-10 on Islamic Banking - Problems and Prospects Presented by Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Yasin

A lecture on  Islamic Banking – Problems and Prospects” was held at the Islamabad Campus of  Preston University, Kohat on October 25, 2017. The referenced lecture was organized under the ‘Faculty Lecture Forum’ of the University. Prof. Dr. Hafiz Muhammad YasinProfessor of Economics, Preston University Kohat, Islamabad campus, delivered the lecture. Prof. Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Yasin has forty years teaching, research and administrative experience.

His lecture covered the basic terms used in Islamic Economics, Guidelines for Economic Behaviour, Prohibition of Interest. In his discourse on the subject he said, Islamic Economics clearly differentiates between the two versions of capital Distribution Scheme: Conventional Economics The Conventional Monetary System, The Islamic (Interest-Free) Banking, various Islamic Banking (Models), (i)   Mudarabah, (ii)   Diminishing Musharakah, (iii)  Murabahah or mark-up, (iv)  Bai’ Salam, (v)  Ijarah (Rent) based Modes , Islamic Banking – Problems and Prospects, Internal Problems, External Problems , Prospects of Success , Islamic Banking (Prospects). He informed the participants that there were some 200 Islamic Investment Funds and about 70 Islamic Insurance companies working at present. Based on a sample of 30 banks, they have shown the relative strength of Islamic banks in various regions. Progress of Islamic Banking Industry (Source: SBP Pakistan) - Shares and growth rates in percent were also discussed.

The Lecture was followed by Q&A-Session, Prof. Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Yasin aptly responded to the questions of the faculty in attendance.