Preston University Remembers Former Iconic Air Chief of Pakistan Air Marshal Mohammad Asghar Khan

Preston University remembered former iconic air chief of Pakistan, Air Marshall (R) Asghar Khan. The University organized a Condolence Reference at its Islamabad campus in memory of the late air chief in collaboration with the Archaeological and Historical Association of Pakistan (AHAP). Ali Asghar Khan, son of Air Marshal Asghar Khan chaired the Reference. Air Vice Marshal (AVM) Zahid Mehmood and begum Ali Asghar Khan were conspicuous by their distinguished presence at the event. Eminent among others who were present and shared their views on the occasion were Dr. Abdul Basit, Chancellor Preston University, Prof. Dr. Masoom Ysinzai, Rector IIUI, Dr. Nadeem Shafiq, Chairman NCSW, Dr. Ghazanfar Mehdi, Chairman AHAP, Prof. Dr. Riaz Ahmed, and Air Commodore (R) Muhammad Saleem. Eminent educationists, intellectuals, journalists, and senior faculty and students of Preston University participated in the Reference.


In his keynote address on the occasion, Ali Asghar Khan son of late Air Marshal Asghar Khan said his illustrious father dedicated his entire life to Pakistan, and till his last breath he held Pakistan and the Pakistani nation close to his heart. He said his late father has had strong principles to which he stood steadfastly and never compromised on them. Throughout his profession career as well as his personal life he always endeavored to guide his colleagues and the people of Pakistan, particularly the youth, to follow the right path and work consistently and dedicatedly to build Pakistan. He expressed his profound gratitude to Preston University and AHAP for organizing a Reference in memory of his late father Air Marshal Asghar Khan.      


Briefly speaking on the occasion, Air Vice Marshal Zahid Mehmood paid glowing tributes to Air Marshal Asghar Khan. He said the late air chief was a beacon of inspiration for the entire rank and file of Pakistan Air Force. He further said that Air Marshal Asghar Khan was a man of exceptional character. He was greatly admired by his colleagues for incomparable humility, remarkable professionalism, and unwavering resoluteness. He added that in view of his profound achievements and matchless contributions toward this country and this nation, Air Marshal Asghar Khan would be remembered as the ‘Father of Pakistan Air Force’ for all times to come.

Eulogizing the achievements of late Air Marshall Asghar Khan, Prof. Dr. Masoom Yasinzai, Rector International Islamic University said when we talk about the heroes of Pakistan we cannot but express our profound gratitude and appreciation to Air Marshal (R) Asghar Khan for his mammoth contribution toward building a positive image of Pakistan in the comity of respected nations of the world. He said Asghar Khan was a principled politician. During his brief stint in politics he remained steadfast to his principles and never compromised on them. He said he would ensure that the departments of history and international of IIUI conduct research on the life and achievements of late Asghar Khan for the benefit of the youth of this country in particular.       

In his welcome address, Dr. Abdul Basit, Chancellor Preston University expressed his gratitude to Mr. Ali Asghar Khan and Mrs. Ali Asghar Khan for distinguished presence at the Reference. He also expressed his thanks to the honorable speakers and the distinguished guests present on the occasion. Commenting on the subject of the Reference Dr. Basit said it was truly and honor for Preston University and AHAP to have been able to organize a Reference to remember a great personality of the stature of Air Marshal Asghar Khan. This, in fact, is the least we could do to pay our tributes to this great man, he emphasized. He said Air Marshal Asghar Khan was a brilliant officer of the Pakistan Air Force who built a strong edifice for this great institution of the country, and made it stand out conspicuously among the comity of outstanding air forces of the world.          

Expressing their views on the occasion Dr. Ghazanfar Mehdi, Prof. Dr. Riaz Ahmed, Dr. Nadeem Shafiq, Air Commodore (R) Muhammad Saleem and Mr. Naeem Qureshi paid glowing tributes to late Air Marshall Asghar Khan. They said Air Marshal Asghar Khan was a man of strong principles and impeccable character. In Air Marshall Asghar Khan’s death Pakistan has lost an outstanding professional, a principled politician, an unparalleled patriot and a great human being, they maintained. They said people like late Asghar Khan are born in centuries. The vacuum that his death has created will take a long, long time to fill.