Workshop on Application and Game Development over Cross Platform organized by Technical Evaluation & Research Network (TERN):


A workshop was organized by Department of Computer Science on Application and Game Development over Cross Platform and conducted by Technical Evaluation & Research Network (TERN) under the supervision of Ms. Munazza Mah Jabeen, Assistant Professor of Computer Science.

This workshop was held on 8th March, 2018 at Preston University Auditorium and the Workshop was conducted by Mr. Faizan Ahmad a very competent and a renowned speaker with Artificial intelligence and Generated Adversarial Networks as major research areas. He is working as a project coordinator in TERN for Games and Application Development and he managesa large number of projects in different framework and tools like android, Web, Unity Games, and Graphics. TERN Games Application works on Product for Google Play, Printing, CCTV services and installation and he is working as a Freelance as well.He is well versant and possess tremendous knowledge with Teachingexperience of IT courses including software development, Web design and development, programming languages, database, Mobile Applications using Android, IOS, Unity3D.

The aim of the workshop was to orient the students and Professionals about various Tools and techniques used in Application and Game Developmentacross platforms by providing the knowledge encompassing modern Tools, Techniques and Technologies used in this Fielddeemed to be necessary for the current students to meet the Future Challenges.

Key points emphasized during workshop were Application and Game designing, development and Deployment of the various Contents, Designing Principals, Script Programming in 2D and 3D and Unity 3D Cross platform behavior during designing, development, Deployment and later on Publishing of the finished Product.