Online Classes 
1. The University class room activities have been suspended up to April 5, 2020 as per instructions of the Government. 
2. The HEC has issued a policy directive to continue academic activities and teaching through online learning.
3. Preston University has decided to start Online Learning by using Moodle as the open-source learning platform.
4. Your classes will be held online as per Schedule, each class of one hour duration.   
5. You will be sent a link on which you will enroll by providing your basic information and submitting it online. Once you are accepted, you will be registered on the course. Some students will have only one link on which to join all of their courses in Spring Semester 2020, whereas some other students will have more than one links depending on the courses being taken with different batches.
6. The Class Schedule will be sent separately to you by email/WhatsApp.
7. You must log-in as per your class schedule and when you join, your attendance will be automatically marked by the system. Your duration of attendance will also be recorded. Please note that your Online Class Attendance will be subjected to the University Attendance Rules and if your attendance falls below 70%, you will be penalized according to rules.
8. Your Online Classes will not only mark your attendance but you will have to take active part in the Online Class session. In each session you will have to attempt a Quiz and you will have to upload an assignment each week. Therefore, it is important that you attend every Online Class Session in order to ensure your attendance and get good grading through Quizzes and Assignments.
9. The teacher will use the Moodle Platform to provide short lectures and guidelines and may use resource materials such as PowerPoint slides or videos.
10. You may use your Desktop Computer. Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone at home to get online. You will need to have access to the internet.
11. Any students who have any difficulty in registering online or having any problems with online classes, may talk to their Program Coordinator to resolve the issue. If you are not clear about technical aspects of getting online or need training to use the Moodle Platform, you may visit the University. Our IT Staff will give you assistance and training.
12. All teachers will create a WhatsApp Group for each subject, and all Class Students, CR, Program Officer and Faculty Coordinators will be members of the group. The group will be used for communication and for coordination purposes. You may report any problems also on this group.
13. The Online Classes will start from Friday, March 20, 2020. You must log-in and get your attendance recorded.