Diploma In Disaster Risk Management
The six months (25 Credit Hours) Diploma Course, in Disaster Risk Management (D-DRM) is being offered at the Islamabad campus of Preston University, Kohat.
  Principal Aims
The principal aim of this course is to develop and have a bank of trained individuals of public and private institutions and organizations, in areas relating to Disaster Risk Management. Special emphasis is placed on specific disaster profiles of regions / provinces, countries; and issues relating to vulnerability and risk response, assessment, prevention, mitigation, preparedness, rehabilitation, reconstruction and legislation.

Successful candidates will have developed proactive approach, and will respond efficiently, effectively and promptly in different disaster and emergency situations / scenarios.
  Benefits / Advantages of The D-Drm Course
Holders of DRM diploma from Preston University, a chartered university, recognized by HEC, will have an edge over the Diplomas / Certificate, Training Courses offered / awarded by non-chartered / non recognized institutes.

D-DRM will be an additional qualification that would make them eligible for various job opportunities, in government and non governmental organizations, both national and international.
Diploma and certificate courses are offered by the chartered universities, to impart education for some specified purpose.
These Diploma and Certificate Courses are offered by the respective universities after approval of their Councils and Boards.
Generally HEC certifies these Diploma and certificate courses as additional qualifications.
  Who should attend?
Who should attend?
All interested in providing public /social services to the masses and communities.
Employees of:
Federal /Provincial Government Organizations, Corporations, Local Government Institutions etc.
Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs).
Public Administration Departments or Relief Agencies working in the field of Disasters.