Greetings from the Chancellor's Office
Thank you for your interest in Preston University. We have completed 27 years of excellence in higher education, marked by extraordinary growth and expansion of the university faculties and degree programs. We feel genuine pride in what we have acccomplished and we bow humbly to Allah who bestowed us with His blessings ever since our inception in 1984 , when we started as the first private university in Pakistan. Having completed almost three decades of services, Preston University is now poised to soar even higher to achieve greater acclaim, credibility and respect not only in Pakistan but in the region as well. This has been possible because of a long history, from 1984 to 2009, of dedication, commitment and persistent struggle for improving quality of education.

Over the last almost twenty seven years, Preston University has produced tens of thousands of graduates that are now part of the country's superior work force and are contributing positively towards the development of this country. Many of our graduates had had the chance to go abroad to further their education at leading institutions in the west and have been employed in key positions in North America, Europe and the Middle East, particularly the Gulf Region, and have been a key resource for precious foreign exchange being sent back to Pakistan. We take a great deal of pride in the fact that what we promised the nation twenty seven years ago, we have successfully more than fulfilled it.

The success story of Preston University has been woven intricately by the persistent efforts of our faculty and staff as well as by the hard work and relentless pursuit of knowledge by our students. These traditions continue at Preston campuses all across the country. Thats what makes Preston University a legend in the arena of private sector higher education in Pakistan. Preston University has been known and acclaimed for not only imparting appropriate knowledge and skills to our students but also for making extraordinary efforts to develop a well-rounded personality for each of our students. This is accomplished by exposing students to challenging opportunities in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, to develop and polish their interpersonal, social and organizational skills. Our graduates are eventually able to walk out into the professional world thoroughly prepared and trained to take on the challenges in their professional and social lives.

You are invited to visit our campuses, take a tour of our facilities, and have a word with our program staff and faculty, who would be very pleased to advise you on your career goals and for choosing an appropriate degree program suitable for your background, aptitude and future career aspirations. Let me take this opportunity to wish you the best for your future educational and professional career.


Dr. Abdul Basit
Chancellor, Preston University