Placement & Career Advising

Preston University places a great deal of emphasis on the placement of graduates. Career counseling is provided throughout the time the student is enrolled at Preston University, and every effort is made to help the student to select the most appropriate fields of study for his or her career and to develop his or her personal and professional skills to the maximum extent possible. This ensures that upon graduation the student is not only equipped with necessary skills but also feel confident to enter the real world of modern business, industry or government. The individual development of each student at this university enhances the job potential of our graduates. That is precisely the reason why our graduates have no difficulty in securing good jobs immediately after graduation. Some outstanding students are able to get job offers in their final semester even before they graduate. Research conducted by Preston University has shown that our graduates continue to maintain one of the highest median starting salaries as compared to graduates of other universities in Pakistan.



The students are appropriately advised on how to conduct the job search, locate potential employers, and secure an interview and how to prepare for a successful, winning presentation at a job interview. The placement office provides full support helping the students in identifying suitable internships and job placements. The Placements Office, staffed by full-time employees provides Placement and Career Counseling Services to Preston students and graduates.