M.Sc International Diplomacy
  One Year (72 credit hours)
The M.Sc International Diplomacy Program is designed to provide conceptual and practical skills in all disciplines related to Professional Diplomacy. It is a modular program consisting of 20 modules followed by Masters Dissertation.
A candidate for admission to M.Sc International Diplomacy Program must fulfil both of the following two conditions:
B.A, B.Sc or equivalent bachelor’s degree
Must be an Ambassador, serving diplomat, military attache or senior officer in two foreign service, Heads and Country Representative of International Organization.
In addition to the minimum qualification, a candidate must qualify a Written Test and an Interview for admission to the M.Sc. Program.
Introduction to Diplomacy
Diplomatic History
International Organizations
Art of Negotiation
Conflict Resolution Techniques
International Negotiations
Diplomatic Methods
United Nations System
World Politics
Crisis Management
Foreign Policy Analysis
Defense Policy Analysis
International Terrorism & Security
International Economics
International Law
International Human Rights
Environmental Diplomacy
European Union
Plus any TWO of the following:
Regional Studies South Asia
Regional Studies Middle East
Regional Studies Europe
Regional Studies South America