M.Ed (Education)
  Two Year (Six Semesters)
A student must achieve 36 credit hours for the award of M.Ed degree. Out of this total requirement, at least 24 credits must be earned in core courses and the remaining 12 credits may be earned in optional courses. The students are required to undertake a Master’s Thesis/Dissertation for the award of 6 credits for the M.Ed Program.
Holders of any one of the following qualifications are eligible for admission to the M.Ed Program:
B.Ed or equivalent
In addition to the minimum qualification, candidates are required to qualify a Written Test and an Interview for admission to the M.Ed Program.
Credit Requirements for
M.Ed (Education) program:
Core Courses 24 Credit Hours
Optional Courses 06 Credit Hours
Thesis/Dissertation 06 Credit Hours
Total 36 Credit Hours
All elective courses are determined by the University at the beginning of each semester and offered to the entire class. The students are required to take the complete block of optional courses offered by the University in any semester.

In addition to the requirement for earned credits, a cumulative grade-point-average (GPA) of minimum 2.0 for all bachelor degree programs on a scale of 0.0 - 4.0 must be attained.
The Following majors are available for the

M.Ed Program:

Educational Media
Educational Management & Supervision