Corporate Finance
  Diploma (Quarters 1-2) PGD (Quarters 1-4)

• The programs are designed to give you latest, cutting-edge knowledge and skills in the discipline of your study.
• The Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma programsenhance your job potential, employability and career promotion to higher professional positions.
• The credits earned in Diploma or PGD programs may be accepted as transfer credits towards masters programs (MA/MSc) at top universities in Europe, USA or Canada, thereby reducing both duration and cost of earning a Master’s degree from a reputed university.

  Diploma: 6 months Postgraduate Diploma: 12 months  
  Diploma: 12 credit hours PGD: 30 credit hours  
  A student must complete at least 12 credit - hour coursework for Diploma or 30 credit- hour coursework for PGD, and must pass all required courses with minimum Cumulative GPA of 2.0 on a scale of 0.0 – 4.0.  
  The courses are offered in the following two modes. Students may select any one mode of delivery.
Online Mode: Synchronous and Asynchronous online learning.
Classroom Mode: Classroom study blended with onlinestudy/online materials. For classroom mode, physical classes are held in the evenings at Islamabad Campus.
Holders of any of the following qualifications:
Minimum BA/BSc/BEngg/MBBS or Equivalent Bachelor’s Degree.Exemptions/transfer credits are allowed for similar courses previously completed at recognized institutions.
Credit Houres
Corporate Finance:
First Quarter Fundamentals of Accounting-I 3
Financial Management - I 3
Second Quarter Fundamentals of Accounting-II 3
Financial Management - II 3
Third Quarter Financial Statement Analysis 3
Introduction to Banking 3
Fourth Quarter Working Capital Management 3
Investment Management 3
Project 6
Total Credit Hours 30
Assessment is done through assignments, quizzes, mid-term test and final examination for each course. Grading scale comprises of five grades:
Grade F (fail) 0 - 49%
Grade D 50 - 59%
Grade C 60 - 69%
Grade B 70 - 79%
Grade A 80 - 100%
      Fee Detail                         Diploma                         PGD
    Local Foreign Local Foreign
   Admission Fee Rs. 10,000 US$ 100 Rs. 10,000 US$ 100
   Registration Fee (Rs 6000/$60/Qtr) Rs. 12,000 US$ 120 Rs. 24,000 US$ 240
   Tuition Fee (Rs 4000/$25 per Cr Hr) Rs. 48,000 US$ 300 Rs. 120,000 US$ 750
   Total Fee Rs 70,000 US$ 570 Rs 154,000 US$ 1,090

  Payment Methods (Either make a lumpsum payment or chose monthly/quarterly plan)
      Monthly Plan
      First Month
Rs. 20,000 US$ 120 Rs. 22,000 US$ 210
      Subsequent Months Rs. 10,000 US$ 80 Rs. 12,000 US$ 80
(5 Months) (5 Months) (11 Months) (11 Months)
      Quarterly Plan
      First Quarter
Rs. 40,000 US$ 270 Rs. 49,000 US$ 310
      Subsequent Quarter Rs. 30,000 US$ 250 Rs. 35,000 US$ 260
(1 Quarter) (1 Quarter) (3 Quarters) (3 Quarters)